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I ate really terribly this weekend
And I’ve felt so sick the past couple days.
I assumed it was a hangover but after day 3 of still not feeling good I think it may be the amount of processes foods and grease I’ve been consuming.
My body doesn’t like it.

My heart just shattered

I totaled my calories in Lose it from yesterday.
I ended up eating a roughly a total of 2400 calories
I know that I binged yesterday because I wanted to purge.
I didn’t even realize I was doing it until after I’d eaten everything.
But I didn’t throw up
And even though I feel shitty for eating as much as I did… I didn’t throw up
And that’s a small victory

I woke up feeling absolutely terrible this morning
Hopefully I feel better and can squeeze in a workout after my classes.
After all leg day is my favorite day